freak kingdom

Liam, male, 23, Melbourne, Australia.


“As [American Psycho] progresses, its grasp on reality becomes even more tenuous. A chainsaw dropped several stories down a stairwell happens to land perfectly on a fleeing victim, killing her. An ATM orders Bateman to feed it a stray cat. Bateman shoots at a police car, and it promptly explodes; in that moment, even he looks disbelievingly at his gun. These all seem like the daydreams of an increasingly disturbed man, one who isn’t even bothering to fit his fantasies into the real world anymore.”

Tasha Robinson continues our Movie Of The Week discussion of American Psycho with a look at the film’s slippery grasp of reality, and how its ambiguity about what’s real and what isn’t is more interesting than definitive answers. [Read more…]